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Born In Paradise, Raised In The Valley

Apparently his shadow days are not over…

Some Fun Stats From 2011

Numbers are fun.

Eisley – The Valley || Music Review

“Cause my love for you has died tonight

I don’t know how to own you

My love for you was faulty / Now angels watch it die”

-Eisley in “Watch It Die”

The Low Anthem – Smart Flesh || Music Review

“No ghost at all / Someone asking for a ride

No ghost at all / Someone asking for a home”

-The Low Anthem in “Ghost Woman Blues”

Radiohead – The King Of Limbs || Music Review

“Now you’ve stolen all the magic / And took my melody”

-Radiohead in “Morning Mr Magpie”

Patrick Stump – Truant Wave [EP] || Music Review

“I don’t ever want to meet you / ‘Coz you’re like porcelain

And I think it would crack / If I found you were a brat”

-Patrick Stump in “Porcelain”

The Naked And Famous – Passive Me, Aggressive You || Music Review

“We’re only young and naive still

We require certain skills

The mood it changes like the wind

Hard to control when it begins”

-The Naked And Famous in “Young Blood”

The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow || Music Review

“Keep her glass full of cheap champagne

She will tell of a man with no name

Smoke and mirrors have done her in

She’s in love and she won’t be back again”

-The Civil Wars in “Girl With The Red Balloon”

The Young International – The Young International [EP] || Music Review

“I really think we’re onto something

and you’re gonna like the sound of it.”

-The Young International in “Ruckus”

Iron & Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean || Music Review

“While the lion and the lamb kept fighting for the shade tree.”

-Iron & Wine in “Big Burned Hand”