Film Reviews

Couch Critic: The King’s Speech

"I am the seat of all authority because they think that when I speak, I speak for them."<p class="alignright">-Bertie in <i>The King's Speech</i></p><br/>

Couch Critic: Toy Story 3

"Barbie, come with me! Live in my Dream House! I know it's crazy! I know we've just met! Aw, heck – you don't know me from G.I. Joe. But when I look at you I feel like we were…made for each other."<p class="alignright">-Ken in <i>Toy Story 3</i></p><br/>

Couch Critic: Coraline

"It's not real scientific, but I heard an ordinary name like Caroline can lead people to have ordinary expectations about a person."<p class="alignright">-Wybie in <i>Coraline</i></p><br/>

Couch Critic: Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

"You're hot, but you ain't too bright."<p class="alignright">-Wheelie in <i>Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen</i></p><br/>

Couch Critic: Rabbit Hole

"You carry it around like a brick in your pocket."<p class="alignright">-Nat in <i>Rabbit Hole</i></p><br/>

Couch Critic: TRON: Legacy

"Life has a way of moving you past wants and hopes."<p class="alignright">-Kevin Flynn in <i>TRON: Legacy</i></p><br/>

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Couch Critic: The Graduate

"I don't want you to go anywhere until you have a definite plan."<p class="alignright">-Elaine Robinson in <i>The Graduate</i></p><br/>

Couch Critic: True Grit

"That didn't pan out."<p class="alignright">-Rooster Cogburn in <i>True Grit</i></p><br/>

Couch Critic: The Fighter

I'm the one who's fighting. Not you, not you, and not you.<p class="alignright">-Micky Ward in <i>The Fighter</i></p><br/>

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Couch Critic: TRON

"Won't that be grand? Computers and the programs will start thinking and the people will stop."<p class="alignright">-Dr. Walter Gibbs in <i>TRON</i></p><br/>