Couch Critic: The Place Beyond The Pines

April 20, 2013 Film Reviews 2 Comments


5 out of 5 stars

In Brief

There is a unique storytelling method at work in The Place Beyond The Pines. It’s like three short stories that are connected by colliding lives. Less so like you might find in films such as Magnolia or Crash because the connections here are more direct and less chaotically random. This linear approach by way of a multi-generational family saga is refreshing and lends the movie a steady and assured pace. Anchored by excellent performances from all the primary actors, it is a tragic tale wherein every major player is flawed in some way. It exemplifies the imperfection of real life and the way humans fail each other even when intentions are pure. There is no hero here nor primary villain for that matter, the characters are what they are, both in their failures and in the cracks when good shines through. The music is a solid complement to the cinematography and the film is a commendable blend of drama, action, violence, suspense, and a light-hearted moment or two. As such, it is one of my early dark horse favorites for film of the year.

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