Couch Critic: Amour

April 24, 2013 Film Reviews 0 Comments


3 out of 5 stars

In Brief

As my reviews are largely about whether I like a film or not, at times I will underrate some of cinema’s finest and overrate others that are essentially schlock. That’s partially the case here with Amour as I am only giving it three stars. It’s not entertaining nor even enjoyable to sit through, even in a dark-artsy sort of way. But it’s a really good film in the sense of excelling at what it aims to be. The story is a depressing one and would be more aptly titled Mort as its primary subject is death and the strain it infects a loving, aging couple’s relationship with. The pace is drearily slow for the majority of the movie as it in some ways actually resembles the gradual and painful descent into invalidity. The bright and pointed moments in this austere drama are those filled with dialogue that is precise and immediate. And while Amour can be enjoyed for its simplicity and the subject matter’s universality there are also a handful of symbolic entries and a hint of a timeline mystery if one chooses to pry further. There is at once more than what is shown and only what is shown. This is a film that brings layers; layers that unravel as soon as you try to comprehend them. Sort of like its primary character, la mort.

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