Couch Critic: Moonrise Kingdom

February 5, 2013 Film Reviews

1 out of 5 stars

In Brief

I suppose it’s time to just admit that I’m not a Wes Anderson fan. I get what he’s doing from a cinema standpoint, but I don’t find it interesting nor the least bit compelling. In this particular offering I have a very difficult time buying into his world of kinderadults who are mature beyond their years, living in a world of actual adults who have no clue. And speaking of kids, I don’t think the child actors are very good, even stuffed behind the quirky stylings, you can easily tell when a scene with one of the brilliant adults (read: Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, and Jason Schwartzman) juxtaposes the deadpan humor and prose with mastery. Overall, the first two acts are very boring and consist almost exclusively of quick cuts filled with pre-pubescents delivering dorky one-liners. A rather jagged flow results. It’s like, cut to weird line, cut to next weird line, cut to weird look, cut to perpendicular/parallel situated shot, repeat, cut to storm, cut to credits. Yawn.


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