Entertainment Weekly: Studio Version Of Kanye’s “Mama’s Boyfriend” Released

June 14, 2011 Blog, Blurbs

For months the most we’ve had of Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy B-Side “Mama’s Boyfriend” is a live a capella version he performed standing on a table at Facebook headquarters… until today. Entertainment Weekly reports that “Mama’s Boyfriend” has leaked onto the internet in it’s full studio form…


“It took me 32 years of my life to write it,” Kanye said of the soulful College Dropout-esque track last year. “It means a lot to me.” It’s obviously one that hits close to home for West, who was mostly raised by his mother after his parents divorced.

It’s easy to see why it didn’t make the album for other reasons, though: While Twisted Fantasy leaned heavily on samples, “Boyfriend” doesn’t fit in the mix of other records on it like, say, “Power” or “Lost in the World.”


UPDATE (06/16):

It appears the track is a fake. Apologies for the misinformation.