Paste: Google Releases YouTube 100 Chart

May 16, 2011 Blog, Blurbs

Paste Magazine reports that Google has unveiled a new song charting system based on YouTube video views. They also note two other fascinating charts: the Ultimate Chart and the Music Meter by MTV…


Billboard’s Hot 100 may soon be obsolete in terms of ranking music, a fact made all the more relevant by the release of the YouTube 100.

Google unveiled the new chart that ranks “official music videos, user-uploaded videos and viral debuts, and uses this data to provide a holistic view of song popularity.”

With music being consumed in a various ways, and the sale of CDs continually decreasing, the Billboard Hot 100 may no longer be the best measure of success.

“The notion of tracking sales and correlating that to success is a bit antiquated,” Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff told Fast Company recently. “There’s no single indicator you can look at now—you must look at everything.”…


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