Stereo Subversion: Paper Route Turning Out A Focused Dream Pop Album

April 11, 2011 Blog, Blurbs

Stereo Subversion has a great interview with JT Daly of Paper Route on their upcoming album and the loss of founding member Andrew Smith…


SSv: You say Universal is the right home now, but yet you just said you were a major label band not supported by your major label.

Daly: Well, the conclusion that we came to was that we wanted to make a dream pop album, which is not where we were earlier. That’s not where we were two years ago, so that’s definitely something that was new. The first step was that we came home. [Laughs] The next step was that we had to be a different band. Andy was no longer with us. We lost a member. We lost a limb, and we would have to evolve and become something completely different.

We had so many other things going on. We had cancer in the Paper Route family. There was divorce. We had members getting married. It was just a long, long season.


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