The Ghost Of Simon: American Idol Recap [Top 12 Girls]

March 3, 2011 Blog, Entertainment

With Simon Cowell’s departure from American Idol the judging has become a little, shall we say, warm and fuzzy. I do not consider myself one prone to teddy bear sentimentalities. I also do not think I have the same discernment for talent as Simon. A voice of reason — or at least a voice of Simon — is a lacking commodity on this season’s American Idol. The Ghost Of Simon is a place to share our Cowell-like critiques of the night’s performances.

Ta-Tynisa Williams – C

It was okay. It had energy and was a good current song choice. Her vocals were spotty however and it wasn’t very memorable. She failed to set herself apart as a unique artist. Anyone with half a voice could have sang that rendition.

Naima Adedapo – A

Here’s a real performer. She used the stage and commanded with her presence. The vocals were money and it really showcased her as an artist. While the song choice was a bit “bar singer” she made it work for her.

Kendra Chantelle – A-

Well, she has a really good voice. It’s really unique in the high register and would be very recognizable on radio. She hit all her runs and notes but the whole performance felt a bit subdued.

Rachel Zevita – D

With the jazzy arrangement you have to be spot on with your melody, and she wasn’t. There wasn’t really any melody to speak of. She changed the song too much to the detriment of her performance. Really quite awful.

Karen Rodriguez – B-

A pretty sleepy performance. The big notes weren’t quite there. Beautiful tone but I’m afraid it will be lost in the shuffle, except maybe for the Latin population for whom she blatantly sang half the song in Spanish.

Lauren Turner – C+

Song selection is so important and this wasn’t a good one. I don’t think anyone will remember this performance. Sure she sang it fine. She did what she does. But it’s not going to make an impression on this particular night.

Ashthon Jones – C

Completely over-singing. It was very screechy. The arrogant attitude was also a bit annoying. If she settles down and focuses the swagger she’ll be better off.

Julie Zorrilla – D

Kind of a mess out there. She was all over the place. She’s a pretty girl so that will get her further than this performance deserves. The song choice was fine, it was the lack of artistry that didn’t happen.

Haley Reinhart – B-

Yeah, it was kind of boring. Lost interest about half way through. She tried to make it an interesting performance and mostly sounded over-affected with her vocal quirks. It wasn’t terrible.

Thia Megia – B+

That was a brave way to start her performance. It was a very bare rendition. She nailed the vocals. Good job.

Lauren Alaina – A

Perfect song choice. It fit her naturally and she owned it. It was perhaps the most authentic performance of the night and a good vocal. Finally someone showed what kind of artist they want to be if they win. She’s great.

Pia Toscano – B+

She has pipes for sure but unfortunately it was kind of old-fashioned. There’s wasn’t anything particularly wrong with it, in fact, she hit some pretty crazy notes, but it wasn’t current. Again, it seems like the contestants are forgetting to show who they want to be as artists.

Who was your favorite? Who should go home? Comment below.

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