By Popular Demand: The Suburbs

February 8, 2011 Blog, By Popular Demand

We’ve all had that moment where we wonder, “Why is this song on the radio? It’s terrible!” Sometimes our personal tastes don’t align with the status quo, and that’s okay — unless you’re indie counterculture, in which case you probably hate pop music simply because it exists. But the question I’m always asking myself is “what makes my tastes different?” What is it I like about a particular song or movie that others don’t? I’m not interested so much in how well I fit in with the crowd. What I want to know is what my minority opinion says about me.

To assist this inquisition I usually compile a ranking of songs on an album, as determined by their popularity. I put together about five different sources ranging from iTunes purchases to listens in constructing these lists. The purpose is to show what you, the listeners, out there think of each of the songs on an album, by putting them in order of popularity or demand. “By Popular Demand” is a feature that will frequent A Fire In The Attic and I hope you find it useful or, at the least, amusing.

Below you will find each of the songs from Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs ranked in order of popularity. It’s important to note that these lists are constantly evolving due to new singles being released and the short attention span of the public. “By Popular Demand” is simply a snapshot into the preferences of the people and cannot be considered definitive. Vote for your favorites in the box on the right to see the results for our readers’ poll.

   #1 – Ready To Start
   #2 – We Used To Wait
   #3 – The Suburbs
   #4 – Month Of May
   #5 – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
   #6 – Half Light II (No Celebration)
   #7 – Modern Man
   #8 – Rococo
   #9 – Half Light I
   #10 – Empty Room
   #11 – City With No Children
   #12 – Suburban War
   #13 – The Suburbs (Continued)
   #14 – Wasted Hours
   #15 – Sprawl I (Flatland)
   #16 – Deep Blue

Which are some of your favorite songs from The Suburbs?survey software

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