Fall To Summer

July 22, 2008 Blog

Jon Foreman, the lead singer of rock band Switchfoot, recently released four EPs in the theme of the four seasons. Beginning with fall and moving through to summer he attempted to evoke the particular mood of each successive season through song. by utilizing a stripped-down acoustic approach and a twangy folk sensibility something very raw happened lyrically. while many might not consider Foreman to be a wordsmith, he has an uncanny lyrical voice that transmits truth through gritty and palpable story. the following are some of my favorite selections from his four seasons.


we’re either riders or fools behind the reigns.
-the cure for pain

somebody told me that everyone’s phony, till somebody’s lonely. what are we if we’re not in love? what are we if we’re not alone? a kiss will betray us all.
-the moon is a magnet

if you love her let her go. she sings beautiful and slow, a tune that only caged birds know.
-my love goes free


her name was November, she went by autumn or fall. it was seven long years since the autumn when all of her nightmares grew fingers and all of her dreams grew a tear. she dreams about heaven, remembering hell. as a nightmare she visits and knows all too well. every now and again when she’s sober she brushes her teeth. she’s somebody’s baby, somebody’s baby girl. and she’s somebody’s baby still.
-somebody’s baby

You remember me, before I learned to run. At the kissing tree, before I learned my guns. We were 17, 17 years young. I am still running. I am still running.
-I am still running


don’t let the panic bring you down. love isn’t made.
-love isn’t made

for these seeds to give birth to life first they must die.
-baptize my mind

keep us far from our vices and deliver us from these prisons.
-your love is strong


it’s not that I’m a stranger to lonely moments, I’ve had my share of those. please don’t go, please don’t leave me alone. a mirror is so much harder to hold.
-a mirror is harder to hold

I met a man who’s looking for perfection. said he never met a girl who’s good enough. his eyes are getting old, like they’d love to love again. such a lonely man. such a lonely man. I see him in my reflection, taking steps in my direction every time I look away. a mirror is harder to hold.
-a mirror is harder to hold

I tried to drown the pain with a friend of mine. it didn’t seem to help. she’s got a pretty face with her wedding lace, but I’m still waking up with myself. I know what it means to choke it down, down until your legs get weak. I know what it’s like on a Saturday night to be alone in a crowded street.
-resurrect me