Sin Hound (Deacons & Camouflages)

April 8, 2008 Blog, Lyrics

stained glass…soiled red from the mass
lush words…but your souls still hurt
a crafted plan…for your salvation
routine liturgy…led by spirit-beings

a community that’s as thick as thieves,
watching tv screens,
praying silently

picture everyone lined up in rows,
dressed in sunday clothes,
their faces saintly glow,
hiding secrets no one knows

if i believe in a beckoning tone,
if i believe in it, bless the unknown
if i believe in a bell to change me,
if i believe in the best that i’ve seen

if i believe
in a better scapegoat,
in a betrayal code,
in a blessing of stone,
if i believe it will ignite my hope

if i believe in a breath of fresh terror,
a demonstration, a dead condition

if i believe it then death follows crime,
debtors go free, wrong you must be

if i believe in it, then i can’t see
then i can’t breathe
if i believe in it, then i save face
in selective grace

run from belief when pressure points lead
as questions abound, i’ll choose their haunting